Steps for Processing Pledges

Steps for Processing Pledges

Step 1: Proof all pledge forms

  • Review forms for correct, legible and complete information including the number of pay periods. Verify name and signature for payroll deduction.
  • Refer all incomplete and questionable forms to the Campaign Chair.

Step 2: Sort the pledge forms

  • One-time contributions (checks and cash)
  • Remainder of payroll deduction pledges

Step 3: Make copies of:

  • One-time contributions – one copy for each contribution by check. Staple each check to a separate pledge form.
  • Pledge forms – one copy for each federation receiving payroll deductions.

Step 4: Count the one-time contributions

  • Tally the one-time contributions for the total dollar amount.
  • One-time contribution totals go to the Campaign Chair for the official campaign report.
  • Any questionable one time contributions should be determined by the Campaign Chair at the workplace site.

Step 5: Notify Open Your Heart representative when copies of pledge forms and checks are ready for pick up

  • For security reasons the Open Your Heart representative will pick up all forms, unless other arrangements are made.

Step 6: Send all original pledge forms to payroll

  • Forms may need to go to the site’s Campaign Chair after the above photocopying and tallying is done, or they may go directly to payroll so that a report can be done.

Step 7: Create a report of campaign totals

  • The Campaign Chair creates the official report on the campaign totals and provides it to Open Your Heart. This needs to be done by the Campaign Chair, not the Open Your Heart representative, since it is the official record of the campaign results.
  • The Campaign Report should be done in a timely manner since Open Your Heart plans their budgets based on campaign total reports like these. If possible reports should be made available by the end of the calendar year.

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