Open Your Heart Rideshare Transportation Project

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The lack of adequate transportation options causes and perpetuates homelessness -especially in rural and small town communities. Without reliable transportation, homeless individuals and families cannot access the kinds of employment, crisis services, and social connections necessary to improve their lives and enhance self-reliance.

Public transit options are especially limited in important regional centers in Minnesota such as Mankato, Moorhead, Rochester, and St. Cloud. While each city has municipal bus services, operating hours and range are inadequate to consistently meet employment, educational, and crisis needs of those without cars, hindering their ability to maintain self-sufficiency.

In response, Open Your Heart has developed a rideshare demonstration project to research how rideshare options like Lyft and Uber might address the unique needs of shelter providers and their clients. We believe that these transit options, which have only recently made their way to Greater Minnesota, can be used to improve access to employment, increase care and support for the very poor and vulnerable, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations that serve them, and benefit communities at large.

Do you already have experience with Lyft or Uber at your organization? We’d love to ask you a few questions! Please email Ruby Simmons at [email protected]

Ed Murphy, Executive Director



OYH – How to use Lyft or Uber for the First Time

Lyft – 1 Trust and Safety Summary

Lyft – 2 Enterprise – Driver Background Check

Lyft – 3 Insurance Overview

Lyft – 4 Zero Tolerance

Lyft vs Taxi Comparison


Basic usage instructions from the providers: Lyft and Uber

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