Grantee Mondays

Grantee Monday Highlights

Haven Housing

SAP School Uniform

Today’s Grantee highlight is about Haven Housing! Open Your Heart provided Haven Housing with funding for school supplies, uniforms, athletic shoes, tutoring supplies, field trips and school photos. With these necessities Haven Housing can continue to serve more than 130 children experiencing homelessness.

Haven Housing provides women in crisis or transition with a stable environment and the opportunity to explore options for their future. Haven Housing operates three supportive housing programs in North Minneapolis for women and women-led families, serving nearly 450 clients each year. Thank you Haven Housing for the incredible work that you do!

YouthLink MN

Today’s Grantee Monday highlight is about YouthLink MN! YouthLink was one of our 2018 Education grantees and received funding from Open Your Heart to help provide GED classes and education support for homeless youth. Financial support towards educational needs enables YouthLink to support more homeless youth by removing barriers towards educational attainment. Helping them to build the skills and tools they need to escape poverty.

Simpson Housing Services 

Today’s Monday Grantee Highlight is about Simpson Housing Services! Simpson was one of our 2018 Education grantees and received funding from Open Your Heart for new school uniforms. With new school uniforms, Simpson is able to assist more students experiencing homelessness, which will ultimately give them a greater degree of normalcy in their school day.

Avenues for Homeless Youth 

Avenues Staff Member Next to New Under Bed Storage

Today’s Grantee Monday highlight is about Avenues for Homeless Youth. Avenues received funding from Open Your Heart this past October for under bed storage chests and new metal bed frames. With new under bed storage chests and bed frames, Avenues for Homeless Youth is able to provide an environment and shelter that feels like home and allows homeless youth to strive and heal.   Avenues for Homeless Youth’s mission is to provide emergency shelter, short-term housing and supportive services for homeless youth in a safe and nurturing environment. Avenues operates two congregate shelters that combined provide a temporary home and intensive supports for 33 homeless youth every day. Thank you Avenues for your incredible work and dedication towards helping youth experiencing homelessness in MN.  

CROSS Services

CROSS Services Volunteers at Work

Today’s Grantee Monday highlight is about CROSS Services. CROSS Services received funding from Open Your Heart this past December for three new commercial coolers. The three coolers for CROSS’ food shelf warehouse will preserve the increased poundage (from 58,000 lbs per month to 120,000 lbs. per month) of donated fresh perishable foods be able to move at least 85% of this healthy fresh food to families and individuals in need.

CROSS was incorporated in 1977 to provide emergency services of food, clothing, and housing assistance to families and individuals struggling with low- incomes and to those in a financial crisis. Over the past 5 years, CROSS food distribution has expanded from one site to 31 locations impacting more than 5,000 families each month. Thank you CROSS Services for all the amazing work you do in our community!

Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul 

Monday’s are becoming our favorite day of the week because we get to share a little bit about the incredible work so many of our community partners and grantees are doing for the state of MN and the hunger and homeless community.

Today’s grantee highlight is about one of our 2018  December grantees,  Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul. Interfaith Action received funding from Open Your Heart this past December for a new produce crisper. The new produce crisper extends the shelf-life and quality of the produce they offer to their clients. Established in 1906, Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul collaborates with over 150 organizations (including over 100 diverse faith communities and dozens of nonprofit partners) working together to relieve the effects of poverty and address its root causes. They serve over 3,000 low-income community members annually. Let’s give it up for Interfaith Action and the amazing work they are doing!

Oasis Central Minnesota

Today’s grantee highlight is about Oasis Central Minnesota. Oasis received funding from Open Your Heart this past December for motel vouchers for their street outreach. The motel vouchers will assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Morrison County this winter, where there are currently no other services for emergency housing, by providing them with a warm place to stay for numerous nights.     The vision of Oasis Central Minnesota is to provide a platform for Morrison County residents to work together through Oasis Central Minnesota to assure access to basic necessities for all. Their mission is to build community and bridge gaps by providing emergency housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, being a resource and referral hub, and increasing access to quality food. Thank you Oasis for all the incredible work you are doing!

New Creation Baptist Church

Monday’s are a lot less dreary when you know about all of the incredible work and contributions that so many MN nonprofits are making towards the fight against hunger and homelessness.

Today’s grantee highlight is about New Creation Baptist Church (NCBC). NCBC received funding from OYH for a new commercial freezer for their food shelf. With this new freezer, NCBC’s food shelf will be able to expand its services and capacity to offer more food to those in need. The New Creation Baptist Church’s (NCBC) food shelf mission is to serve the people in the Greater Metropolitan Area who are struggling financially and are in need of food. NCBC’s food shelf distributes food on Saturdays when most food shelves are closed and currently serve about 1,000 individuals monthly with over 14,000 pounds of food distributed. Thank you New Creation Baptist Church for all the wonderful work you do for the homeless community.

The Link 

Today’s grantee highlight is about one of our recent 2018 grantees  The Link. The Link received funding from OYH for street outreach supplies. The supplies purchased will help youth experiencing homelessness in Dakota, Washington, and Hennepin counties stay warm, hydrated, and nourished during the winter months, and will assist with personal hygiene and other basic needs.

The Link was founded in 1991 by two former Minnesota Vikings players, Jim Marshall and Oscar Reed, in response to a need for services for youth who were being victimized by crime and homelessness in north Minneapolis. What was once a grassroots initiative to bring opportunity to youth, has become a multi-service agency offering comprehensive programs to address the multifaceted needs of youth. Thank you to The Link for the incredible work you do!

HOPE (Healing Opportunity Provided Equally) 

Today’s grantee highlight is about one of our recent 2018 grantees Healing Opportunity Provided Equally (HOPE)! HOPE received funding from OYH to purchase a new security system that will allow key-less entry for its residents. With the new key-less entry security system, HOPE will be able to ensure the safety of its residents whom are escaping from trauma and staying in their emergency/safe housing.

HOPE was established in 1981 as a non-profit organization to serve victims of domestic abuse. They serve victims of domestic abuse in Aitkin, Crow Wing, and Mille Lacs Counties, but also extends to additional rural Minnesota communities when needed. Thank you HOPE for the incredible work that you do in Minnesota and providing emergency shelter and hope to so many women and children in need.

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes’ Street Outreach Meal Program

Kicking off the new year with our first Grantee Monday! Each Monday, Open Your Heart will highlight one of our charity partners, showcasing the organization and it’s impact.

Today’s grantee highlight is about one of our recent 2018 grantees Loaves & Fishes! Loaves & Fishes received funding from OYH to purchase four new doors for expanded, energy-efficient refrigeration space in their warehouse. The expanded refrigeration will enhance the quality and quantity of fresh food that is distributed through their street outreach meal program. Loaves & Fishes began in 1982 with two dining sites. Today they serve at 60+ meal outlets in seven counties and are the largest open to the public free meal program in Minnesota. Thank you Loaves & Fishes for all the wonderful work you do throughout Minnesota!