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Ascension Place at Haven Housing:

In June 2018, Open Your Heart awarded Ascension Place with a $2,500 grant to purchase new school supplies, school clothes, shoes, tutoring supplies, and funds to cover field trip costs for more than 130 homeless children. One Ascension Place staff member highlights the impact that Open Your Heart’s Education Grant made on their organization and the individuals that they serve, stating:

SAP School Uniform








SAP Tutoring
SAP Tutor Lab








“Discretionary funding from Open Your Heart’s Education Fund is so important to our program, because each family comes to our shelter with unique needs and challenges, and we are unable to predict many of their educational needs until they arise. One of our primary goals at St. Anne’s Place is to alleviate the negative effects of trauma. The stresses of homelessness can have a significant impact on a child’s development, motivation, confidence and ability to focus in school, and grant funding from Open your Heart provides us with more tools to meet each child’s unique needs.

A 36-year-old mother of two (ages 3 and 11) moved into St. Anne’s Place in November 2017. This was her first experience with homelessness. Her son had autism but had not yet received a diagnosis or services. St. Anne’s Place staff helped her coordinate assessments for her son, and helped her work with PICA (Parents in Community Action) and Minneapolis Public Schools to access the services he needed. He began to thrive in school and woke up every day excited to get on the bus. While at St. Anne’s Place, the mother participated in parenting groups, yoga, and financial education classes. She met with the on-site family therapist weekly to work on her mental health issues. After 4.5 months at St. Anne’s Place, the mother got a job as a PCA (Personal Care Assistant) and found an apartment she loved. The family moved into their new home in April 2018”

(Ascension Place Staff Member).