Workplace Giving Campaign Report

Workplace Giving Campaign Report

Workplace Giving Campaign Report needs to include:

  • OYH_Pledge_and_Contributions_Report
  • Donor’s name (first and last)
  • Total individual pledge amount (if providing an amount per pay period, please include total number of pay periods)
  • Requested acknowledgment preference
  • Email address or mailing address if donor requests an acknowledgment

Please see our Donor Policies regarding donor privacy

If using an online pledging system, this information can be provided electronically to Open Your Heart. If paper pledge forms are being used, this information should be captured on the form. The information will need to be compiled into a spreadsheet or copies of the pledge forms can be provided.

Cash and Check Gifts:

Please include a copy of the pledge form or donor information as outlined above to ensure the gift is processed accurately. For tax purposes, it is important that one-time check contributions are distributed by the end of the year.

Open Your Heart representatives are available to assist with pledge processing. Email us if you would like to request assistance

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