Event Ideas

Event Ideas

As coordinator, there are many ways that you can raise interest and get employees excited for the campaign season.

  • Beach Party
  • Costume Party
  • Olympics
  • Just Hope
  • Under the Sea

By making the campaign season fun and engaging, you encourage employees to increase their participation and their contributions.

  • Send a co-worker a flower gram or candy gram. Pay a dollar to have a daisy or candy bar sent to co-workers to show your appreciation for everything that they do.
  • Wage “Penny Wars.” Each group would have a large jar in a common area of their department. Every penny counts as one point, but silver coins/change will count against you, i.e. minus five for a nickel, minus 25 for a quarter, etc. Teams win by putting the most number of pennies in their own jar while slowing down their competitors by putting nickels, dimes and quarters in someone else’s jar. Winners enter a drawing or receive a prize (as well as bragging rights).
  • Host inter-office athletic competitions. Employees can form teams by department or just create their own. It could be as elaborate as softball or ultimate Frisbee or as simple as beanbag toss tournaments. Staff pays to participate with winning teams receiving prizes or trophies.
  • Conduct a silent auction by putting together a variety of prizes that employees have donated. Employees often will try to out bid each other! All proceeds go to charity.
  • Hold a food drive with the proceeds going to an Open Your Heart grant recipient.
  • Host a pancake breakfast or BBQ having management make the pancake breakfast or be the chef for the BBQ cookout and charge per plate.
  • Hold a chili cook-off. Each contestant brings a pot of chili, charge per contestant. The winner could win a “silver ladle” or other inexpensive prize.
  • Conduct a book or craft sale. Many employees welcome the option to donate books they have already read and like the opportunity to buy new ones with the proceeds going to charity.

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