Campaign Checklist

Campaign Checklist

Step 1: Set Dates of Campaign and Choose a Theme

Here are some examples:

  • Because We Care
  • Give Hope
  • Give Promise
  • Give Possibilities
  • Community Giving Makes an Impact
  • You Can Make a Difference
  • Better Days, Better Future
  • Giving Together to Support Our Communities

Step 2: Obtain Campaign Materials

  • Determine the amount of materials that will best meet the needs of your workplace giving campaign. Annual reports, posters and brochures are available. Please let us know how many of each will be needed for your employees.

Step 3: Determine Pledge Card Design and Production

  • Plan the contents of employee pledge packet and how it will be assembled. Each employee should get a brochure with the list of affiliated agencies.
  • We can custom-design and produce a pledge card (with your company’s logo and campaign theme) that will fit all the needs of your workplace giving campaign.

Step 4: Confirm Payroll Deductions/Giving Options

  • Determine the ways that employees can give through the workplace giving campaign (i.e. payroll deduction, cash, credit card).
  • Work with your payroll department to confirm payroll deduction is an option and the time frame during which deductions will be taken. Typically this is the calendar year, January through December.

Step 5: Create Promotion Plan

  • Events raise awareness about the workplace giving campaign and increase participation. A speaker can enhance your campaign event by sharing their personal story or providing an educational presentation.
  • Consider using some of Open Your Heart’s volunteers to assist throughout your workplace giving campaign. They can assist with many tasks from collation of materials to staffing events and everything in between.

Step 6: Track Campaign Results and Report to Open Your Heart

  • Open Your Heart will help you with this process, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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