About Us

We help hungry and homeless people in crisis situations.

Open Your Heart has been targeting donations to help hungry and homeless Minnesotans since 1986.

We fill specific, unmet needs: We help food and shelter providers of all sizes get the things they must have to serve more people.

15,000 Minnesotans will be homeless tonight. We help emergency shelters, supportive housing programs, and domestic violence shelters purchase necessities such as mattresses, security cameras, and repair heating units for our cold winters.

9,000 Minnesotans will visit a food shelf today. We help food shelves purchase items needed to carry more fresh foods, such as freezers and shelving, and fix structural damage to serve clients in a safer space, such as roof repair.

Homeless students are four times as likely to drop out of school. Our unique Education Fund helps children and youth who are homeless get their GEDs, purchase school supplies and winter clothing, pay for activity fees, and much more so they can participate fully in school.

Providing tangible resources such as these is vital to serving the growing number of people in need and ensures that food and shelter organizations are able to focus their attention on helping people in crisis get back on their feet. We also work to raise awareness of the issues impacting people facing hunger and homelessness and support initiatives that address these complex challenges.

Learn more about our grant programs and how you can support our work.

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