Giving to Open Your Heart is the most efficient way for you to impact the lives of thousands of people who are hungry and homeless in Minnesota. Our community has food and shelter needs that can’t wait. That’s why Open Your Heart  is dedicated to responding quickly and giving assistance when and where it is needed most.


Over 9,000 Minnesotans will visit a food shelf today. We help food shelves purchase items needed to carry more fresh foods, such as freezers and shelving, and fix structural damage to serve clients in a safer space, such as roof repair.


Over 15,000 Minnesotans will be homeless tonight. We help shelters get the items they need to house more people in better conditions, including mattresses and heating repair. 


Over half of all homeless people in Minnesota are children and youth. Our unique Education Fund helps children and youth who are homeless get backpacks, school supplies, clothing and much more so they can participate fully in school.